Get an Internationally Accredited Teacher Training Certificate through our 4 Week Intensive TEFL Program in Cebu, Philippines - qualifying you for the best teaching jobs in Asia and abroad.

Internationally Recognized, High Quality Teacher Training Program in Cebu, Philippines

Challenge Yourself For A New Beginning!

Globalization is influencing the world in more ways than one, and as a result English teachers are in high demand, particularly in rapidly developing countries like the Philippines.

While there are other factors involved, the one universally sought requirement is that you complete a 120 hour TESOL certificate. At TEFL International Cebu, you get certified while enjoying the natural wonders of Cebu. You'll fall in love with the Queen City of the South, with breathtaking experiences when you decide to take up a TEFL course in Philippines.

Our courses exceed international training standards and are independently validated, moderated by educational authorities, includes practical teaching elements and methodologies.

  • 120 hours, face-to-face intensive TESOL course in Cebu.
  • Comprises of both theory and practical application.
  • 8 hours of observed teaching practice.
  • Externally moderated and accredited.
  • Job placement assistance and support.
  • Enjoy the weekends with travel and fun!

By the time you are finished with your training, you will leave with an internationally recognized TEFL certificate, over 120 hours of study, 6-10 hours of actual teaching practice with real students, and course materials that you can take with you on your ESL education journey.

What makes our TEFL course in Cebu better than the rest?

Face-to-face, intensive and accredited TESOL certification
TESOL Classroom Session

We offer you the highest quality, accredited ESL teacher training course with 120 hours of intensive, face-to-face training and 6-10 hours of actual teaching practice, thereby covering all facets of teaching English and managing a classroom helping you to acquire all necessary skills required to start teaching English abroad.

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"TEFL International" - The brand recognized worldwide
Student with a TEFL Certificate in Cebu

TEFL International is a globally recognized organization that is leading the way in ESL teacher training courses with a major stake in the job market and realted arena. Our course and delivery standards are monitored by our Board of Academic Advisors, assuring you the most up-to-date teacher training methodolgies.

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Beaches, adventure and fun - Enjoy while you "TEFL"
Travel, Enjoy Cebu, Boracay, Manila

Be mesmerized by the Banaue rice terraces ("stairway to heaven" - the eighth wonder of the world), get a glimpse of the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsiers in Bohol, enjoy sun-and-sand adventure at the beaches, go spelunking at the wondrous caves of Palawan - all this and more when you decide to take up a TESOL course in Philippines.

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TEFL Philippines: Get Started

A teacher training course in Philippines is your ticket to travel, teach and explore!

With a rapid economic growth in Philippines, there is an abundance of teaching opportunities for qualified TEFL teachers. The career you have always wanted is right around the corner-completing a 120 hour TESOL Certificate on one of the world's most beautiful tropical islands can pave the way to future success, a stable, respected, high-paying job teaching English in Philippines, Asia or anywhere in the world.